Frequently asked questions and answers:

1. What if the other party cancels?

- You will not be responsible for others' cancellation, so your credit will be returned. You will have an option to post a similar SoHa/ activity.

2. Does a signup/request to join SoHa event expire?

- Yes, all requests to go on an activity will expire after 1 day. In other words, if the request is not confirmed by the other party within this time, the request will expire and credit will be returned.

3. What about safety?

- All hangouts and dating events have pre-set date-time and location, which cannot be changed after someone signs up for it. We strongly encourage users to go to hangouts and dating events at public places. Your safety and security are very important to us and we always look for new ways to improve users' safety and security. Please also report any mis-behaviors and we will resolve all issues ASAP.

4. Can you describe the whole process one more time?

- Absolutely. Please see summary here:

  • You can post a SoHa event or activity that you're already planning to do. For example: yoga in the park, "A star is born" movie, etc. or we can suggest things to do around town (upcoming feature). You can limit who can see your post or make it viewable to everyone. You can also send invitations to people that you hanged out in the past
  • Other users can check out your SoHa event and your profile. When a user signs up, one SoHa credit will be held from user's account
  • All request to join activity will expire in two days and credit will be returned to the user
  • When you confirm someone to join activity, one SoHa credit will be held from your account as well
  • Chat function is enabled now so that both parties can exchange some information or coordinate the meet-up
  • On the activity day, "check-in" function will be available and you need to be within 100 yards of the activity to check in. When you check in SoHa credit will be returned to your account

5. How does the chat feature work?

- When both parties agree to meet up, the chat feature will be enabled. Chat feature then will be disabled 1 day after you meet.

6. If chat is disabled, how do I contact someone that I went on SocialHangout with?

- When creating new SoHa, user will have an option to invite others that they hung out with/ went on date with in the past

7. How do you check in on SoHa date?

- Check-in period will be open between an hour before and an hour after SoHa start-time. Users need to be within 100 yards of meeting place to check in during the two hours checkin period.

8. What are some of the upcoming features?

We are continuing to update the app so that it will meet your higher and higher expectation

  • We will have featured SoHas and can recommend to you where to hang out. For example, "Treats at Chocolate Lab and then check out 'Tattered Cover' bookstore and 'Twist & Shout' music store" or "Coffee at Spurs and a short walk along Broadway Street"
  • Option to increase challenge money. For example, if you're going to a movie or a baseball game, you will have an option to increase the challenge money to a maximum of 5 credits or $10
  • Send invitations to people who went out to SoHa events with you in the past